Register for the New Chat

Sorry about the confusion with the different registration options here at sex chat space. We have not had time to integrate everything as of yet, and at the moment of this writing, there are three separate places you can register or login for the three semi-separate sections of the site.

To register for the “New Chat” – when you get to the new chat page, instead of entering your username and password, click the register button on the left. Here is a graphic showing that below.



Change in PM settings for the New Chat

Got some feedback from one of the users, and thought it was an idea worth trying. So I got into the “new chat” settings a few minutes ago. I decided to make a change so that non-registered guests can not initiate a pm. This will solve what is most likely the biggest problem for the women who use our chat rooms. Or at least make it a much smaller problem! Of course doing this does create a new problem for some of our users as well.

So many people who enjoy our chat rooms do so without registering. Even long time regular users of our chat systems choose not to register an account. I totally understand, and I have fought the urge to force registration for a long time. Certainly if we forced everyone to register in order to use our services, many things would be easier for us as admins / moderators. However we have been, and will continue to do everything we can to avoid forcing everyone to register.

Does this mean that you will not be able to pm if you are a non-registered guest, or not using a login to access the chat rooms? No, not exactly. The other registered users can start a pm with you, and you can then send and receive pms that way.

What about two long regs who want to PM each other – and neither is or wants to register in order to do so?
Well another option would be to create your own user created room – and you two can message each other there.

Will this setting that makes it so non-registered users can not private message stay like this forever?
Maybe. It seems like a good idea to protect the women in the chat from the flood of often unwanted pms from users who are not following the standard etiquette of engaging others in the main room first. However like most things around our sex chat sites, we listen to the people who make up the community and sometimes change our settings, policies and procedures based upon the feedback that we receive. At the moment we have a bug in our “new chat” system that does not allow people to block / iggy users who are not registered. When that bug gets fixed, we may also look into changing this setting – we’ll see.