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This is a social networking site for mature adults, where you can read adult stories, watch adult videos, and choose to share your own with the world or your friends. This is not myspace or facebook of sex, this is sex chat space.

We may refuse service or ban users for any reason, including but not limited to users who post links to commercial sites, affiliate content, or other content that we just don’t like. If we find you offensive or annoying, we will delete you. We may permanently ban you, your ip addy, your computer, and or your entire computer network, ISP, or country for any reason at all. We may delete people just because we are drunk and feel like power-tripping – so backup your data and don’t bother complaining if you can’t access. There are other places on the internet you can chat, and we in no way guarantee your ability to chat here.

Those who choose to use any of the features on the sex chat space web site agree to follow the etiquette rules we have posted on sex chat sexchat here.

Using any part of this web site, you must also agree to and follow the terms of use outlined on sex chat sexchat here.

Privacy and other issues

This software is considered beta, and in testing. We do not guarantee that any of the features will work, or work properly. We cannot guarantee that items you add to the system and consider private will remain that way. We can not guarantee that any info will stay private or not be shared. Do not post, save, message, or otherwise add any info to this system that you do not want exposed to the world.

Our web server logs and tracks the same information that most other web servers do, including your ip address, browser type, referring url, and other basic stuff. If you are really sensitive about this, then you should be using special privacy tools, or not surfing this web site, or any other adult sites for that matter.

If you enter information into our system, we have no idea how secure it is. This is beta testing software, it could be compromised, hacked, or even spew out a bunch of stuff all on it’s own. We could screw up some php file code somewhere and expose all private messages by accident and not even know it. We do not trust this software 100% and neither should you.

We use a throw away email address for signing up at adult sites, and we do not post personal private, incriminating photos online, or in emails, even when they are supposed to be private, or considered private messages. I suggest you consider the same tactics.

For additional information about how we treat everyone’s privacy when all systems function properly – please read our multi-site privacy information as posted on sex chat sexchat.


Some of the links, posts or other information posted on this web site may lead to products and services in which we have a financial interest, or profit in some way, including from affiliate relationships.

Not all of the content here is moderated, or edited. We can not guarantee the accuracy of any information posted on this web site.

Content uploaded by users is their responsibility. If you think that content added here is in violation of copyright, or any other laws, please contact us at globaladultmedia.com