Register for the New Chat

Sorry about the confusion with the different registration options here at sex chat space. We have not had time to integrate everything as of yet, and at the moment of this writing, there are three separate places you can register or login for the three semi-separate sections of the site.

To register for the “New Chat” – when you get to the new chat page, instead of entering your username and password, click the register button on the left. Here is a graphic showing that below.



How to upload pictures to sex chat space

It’s easy to upload a picture, and make some picture albums to share with the world, or just to share with your accepted friends on sex chat space. Many people have a hard time finding where this feature is, but once you know where these options are, you can upload uncensored risque pics fast and easy.


sex-chat-space-how-upload-pics 2

sex-chat-space-how-upload-pics 3

After you enter your title and description, scroll down a little and you will see a button to “save” – once you click save, your picture is added to your album.

There are some more options you can select here, such as if you would like your picture to be private, or viewable by accepted friends only. Add a good title and description of your pics so that other members of sex chat space can find your pics and comment on them.

Add a profile pic / avatar to sex chat space

It’s easy to add an avatar picture, or profile pic to sex chat space. Here is a quick graphic tutorial showing how to edit, upload, crop and set your profile pic.

sex chat space how-to add a profile pic

sex chat space how-to add a profile pic 2

sex chat space how-to add a profile pic 3

sex chat space how-to add a profile pic 4

Click on any images here on this tutorial to get a larger view. Many people have a hard time initially finding where to edit their profile and their profile pic, but once you know where these controls are – it’s fast and easy.

How to register profile at sex chat space

How to register for your free profile here at sex chat space. A graphic tutorial.
Remember to check your junk mail / spam folder for the activation link – many adult and sex related emails end up there – even the ones you actually want and ask for. You might also want to add the site to your trusted email list or contacts so that when other members send you a private message, comment or like on your page, you will be notified by the sex chat space system – and those may get filtered into your junk spam box as well.




After you submit, it should take you to a sign up success page, and the system will send you an activation email. After you get the activiation email and click the link, you will be able to log in, and then add a profile pic, upload pictures albums, and more.