New Chat Shutting Down?

The day after new years I had to make some tough decisions about what I can afford to keep running and what I have to let go. The new chat was put on the chopping block for several reasons. Notices were posted in the new chat window about the pending shutdown, and several people sent emails and commented over at the scsc blog. During this time I may have been able to salvage an old deal that will allow us to keep running the NC – but there will be some down time and loss of data.

If things go well I will be able to re-launch the NC in a few days, and pull some of the data that was saved about Jan 10th. So some of the user profiles and avatars will transfer over. Anyone that has added a new profile, updated their profile, send offline messages to other users, and stuff like that will be lost. This is IF things work according to the new plan. We’ll see how it works out.

For details about the decision to shut down the NC, an update on trying to revive it, and some comments from users, see the post at the scsc blog -> Farewell to the new chat.

Update – 1-14-2015 9:30 EST
– Having some troubles with updated things on the sex chat space. The theme files are going wacky at the moment – trying to get things back up and running. This is a separate issue from the new chat move – I have not yet started that process! Grrr!

While I try to get the them pages fixed on SC Space.. the NC is working in the sex chat peeps cams chat section.

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