SC Space – broken, working to fix

As I tried to update some things here last night weird stuff starting breaking. First it was the sidebar that listed groups and members, then it was the chat rooms. I did all kinds of things to try to get things fixed and more problems kept popping up. I think we found some of the causes, but getting things fixed is taking much longer than expected!

In the meantime, most of the things that we had working here are available at the scsc peeps social and chat section.

Now that we have sorted some of the problems, hopefully it’s just a matter of fixing a few more things with that knowledge. I really hope we get this back up and running today so I can get to working on our other upgrades and moving the new chat to a new dedicated server.

We now have a couple of people helping to restore the issues here at sc space. I’m going to get some coffee and get back to the updates here asap!

* Update 01-16-2015 8:30pm EDT * – Fixing the scs, most functions working. It’s not as pretty as it was, and the groups list is not working as it should. The main chat rooms are back online, and I am digging through code to get things back to where they were or better.

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