Looks like the new chat rooms are down again

The new chat rooms again to be unavailable due to being attacked once again it seems. I came in around 1:30am CST Feb 7 – to see the chat unavailable page. Popped into the flashy chat rooms to see what was happening there, and Rusty said the new chat rooms were up and running fine until about 10 minutes before. So it looks like they went down during an attack that started at approximately 1:15am CST.

We will continue to work on getting them back up and running, as well as migrating our old chat to a newer hosting center. We are also working to beef up our other sex chat backup options as well. We’ll keep everyone posted as we have new developments.

New chat down for 8 hours

Well it seems that our New Chat has been under attack for about the past 8 hours. Very strange that someone would choose to attack our chat rooms here, and for that long. It truly makes no sense to me. This makes no statement other than someone wants to maliciously stomp on free speech and communication; and that is a stupid message to send. Meh.