Changing the new chat to be registered only

We’ve suffered a few trolls over the past few months, and I think the fastest solution is to make the new chat, or peeps cams chat as it will likely become, registered members only. I do not think this will affect a majority of the users here, but I imagine there will be a few that get pissed off about being forced to register in order to use the new chat.

We would not be making this chat system registered users only in order to spam anyone, or sell email addys or anything like that. Anyone who know me, or has read the privacy policy at sex chat sexchat knows that I take privacy very seriously. The main reason for considering this change is to stop the random troll from coming in and harassing people. This will also be the quickest way to fix the bug where people have trouble blocking / iggy-ing guest users. Our coding partners are still working on that issue, and some others, but in the meantime, the registered users only thing may be the fastest and best solution, even if it is a temporary one.

Like all things around here, changes are up for debate to some extent. IF we get a few hundred people suggesting that we change it back to no registration required for the chat rooms here, then we will consider that. Hopefully this will be a quick, and mostly painless fix for the most common issues with the voice/cams chat here. Of course our original chat system is still no registration required for the free sex chat rooms here. So that is another option for those who absolutely will not register in order to use the systems.

Always working on updates, site suggestions, and trying to make things better and better,

~ Nash

Upcoming changes to the chats

So we are pretty far behind schedule for some the changes that have been in the plan. Getting all the tech stuff hashed out has taken much longer than anticipated, and it’s not all quite done yet. I do think we are getting closer to changing up how the different chat systems are arranged however.

We will continue to improve all three chat systems as much as we can, and will likely be testing another chat system that is very similar to our “new chat” in the near future as well. I am not going to get into the features and bugs and other changes that are already in the works in this post, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up of the most likely changes to the structure of the sites as we have come to know them.

Currently most people get the the ‘new chat’ first when finding us and going through the loops to get to our running chat systems, and soon I would like to change that, so the “original chat” becomes the main system everyone comes to first. The ‘new chat’ will likely become more integrated into the sex chat peeps social section, or perhaps in the social profiles section here on the sex chat space web portal. We will likely start to use the ‘old chat’ as the main chat rooms system, and have the ‘new chat’ running as a place that everyone can go to if they want to use cams, or voice or the other features that are not available in the original chat rooms system.

We will also make some changes to the features of the new chat, and change some of the features so they become premium or paid features. I do not have a definite on how it’s going to end up, but my initial thinking is to give everyone a certain amount of free time with the voice and webcam features – then limit the amount of time unless some credits are bought by someone.

At this stage of the planning phase, I am not sure if everything I want to do will even be possible, but I am really trying to get the system setup so that one registered member can buy credits and send a membership upgrade to another member. I also want to make it possible for a certain amount of free access to the premium cams and voice features to be available.

Will this all be possible? Not sure yet – we are still developing this system.

What will the costs be? Not sure on that yet either. I am not trying to make a million bucks by charging people to use cams and voice, but we do need to find some ways to offset the more expensive web servers that it takes to run the chat room systems these days. I am considering doing something basic like $10 for two weeks of premium features access, and making it so that credits can be bought and transferred to another user. This way if you wanted to cam with someone you can upgrade their membership for them if they did not have a way to do it themselves.

We will need to see how it goes. We will likely change the pricing structure as we get a better idea of how many people use the systems, and what the bandwidth costs us for the web servers and stuff like that. So whatever premium feature costs we initially charge over to will likely not stay that way.

I know there will be people who refuse to pay, and those you can not pay for the premium features. I know there are plenty of free options out there on the web, and some will likely choose to use those instead. I am not hating on the other options out there like skype – I am just hoping that we can offer a more private way for those individuals who want to do more than just text chat, and yet are wanting to keep things safer and more private – avoiding skype, and facebook and sites like that.

This is still in the planning phase, and of course we consider feedback from everyone.

I expect there will be a lot of complaints, there always are when we change things. Those who have been around for a while know that we do take suggestions and feedback seriously, and do what we can to please as many people as possible. We have feedback pages setup, and site suggestion pages that are quite active as well. I will soon post some polls where people can vote on some things as well.

We currently do not have a prefect solution to make everyone perfectly happy – but we are trying to make everything better and better. Some will complain that the new chat lags and is not fast enough, some will complain that they don’t want to use the old chat because it doesn’t do cam or voice or other things. Don’t worry – we will be continuing to improve all the chats, and taking suggestions and feedback – and we already have a couple other systems we are working on that have not been seen and tested yet.

So hang in there as we try to expand and grow. We will continue to enhance everything as much as possible. Some of the things we want to roll out are going to take some time, some of the things we want to do are going to take some money. Many issues are already being worked on, and in the end it comes down to what a majority of the community wants, and what they are willing to support.

More on all this later – just a quick heads up on some coming soon changes. We’ll see where all this goes.