Changing the new chat to be registered only

We’ve suffered a few trolls over the past few months, and I think the fastest solution is to make the new chat, or peeps cams chat as it will likely become, registered members only. I do not think this will affect a majority of the users here, but I imagine there will be a few that get pissed off about being forced to register in order to use the new chat.

We would not be making this chat system registered users only in order to spam anyone, or sell email addys or anything like that. Anyone who know me, or has read the privacy policy at sex chat sexchat knows that I take privacy very seriously. The main reason for considering this change is to stop the random troll from coming in and harassing people. This will also be the quickest way to fix the bug where people have trouble blocking / iggy-ing guest users. Our coding partners are still working on that issue, and some others, but in the meantime, the registered users only thing may be the fastest and best solution, even if it is a temporary one.

Like all things around here, changes are up for debate to some extent. IF we get a few hundred people suggesting that we change it back to no registration required for the chat rooms here, then we will consider that. Hopefully this will be a quick, and mostly painless fix for the most common issues with the voice/cams chat here. Of course our original chat system is still no registration required for the free sex chat rooms here. So that is another option for those who absolutely will not register in order to use the systems.

Always working on updates, site suggestions, and trying to make things better and better,

~ Nash