Still private chat / invite only

We are still testing some of the new features, and so we are still in private chat only at this time. I know that there have been a lot of people emailing and asking for details, but we are keeping it a secret. If you know someone who is already a private member, then you can ask for a special invite code. If you are really someone special and just can’t stand to wait for the public release of the new sex social network, then beg in the comments and tell us why we should give you early access to the new system?

Making a hot sexy place for adults to engage each other in uncensored erotica, it’s taking some work to get everything exactly the way we want it. I know that many of you are tired of facebook and myspace, and are just dying to get into the new sex chat space, but patience it will serve you well. Trust me, the wait is definitely going to be worth it! Very cool new chat rooms and functions are currently being tested. We are also considering a webcam add on, and a few other goodies! Stay tuned!