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About Me

Pretty simple down to Earth girl pursuing her Bachelors in Agricultural Sciences, finishing up my Gen Ed while working part time for a Warehouse that ships parcels all over the world for people! My hobbies are simple, I enjoy bike riding, horseback riding, karate, and playing around with trucks and cars. I am a bit of a tom-boy.

I’m half Italian, half Hispanic, I stand at about 5 foot 2 inches tall and I am about 115 pounds. I have curly dark blonde hair and dark brown eyes, My skin has a slight olive hue to it, my cup is B28, I got decent hips, and a bubble butt in the back.

Sexual Turnons / Interests

Well didn’t hesitate in getting to the point now did ya? I might be tough but for some weird reason the idea of some one just lifting me up and having their way with me gets me a bit aroused, being man handled sounds like a good time.

One thing that turns me on is being touched, being my arms, legs, waist, chest, or going right for the goal and sticking your hand in my panties or jeans. For me groping/touching just gets to me in ways many other things never will.