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About Me

i am a 45 year old married woman in Toms River, NJ. i am a very devout, Traditional, conservative, modest Catholic wife & mother who loves the Traditional Latin Mass which i go to regularly. i have been married almost 17 years with 5 kidsz. i worked as a lawyer before having kidsz.  i have never engaged in sexual activity with ANYONE but my husband, EVER.  (not even masturbation for all of my life)


until just over two years ago


he has been taking business trips out of the country for extended periods, and i have had time to myself as the kidz will often stay with the grandparents for a few days or up to a week at times. the time alone, unchecked, with the internet… …i began viewing impure pictures, video… i began masturbating a little, then more, then MORE. i began entering chats and talking to men, women, trans, who knows… even about BDSM and i engaged in cyber sex. the discussion was not always nice and “vanilla” but stretched to the very naughty to the very taboo.


i am hooked and i cannot escape these feelings. i have been meeting strangers in real life and engaging in all sorts of sexual activities. men, women, trans, dogs.  i got my tubes tied and condoms are not necessary. i also have been working regularly at a local glory hole.


i am here to be used, abused, degraded, humiliated, blackmailed… for real as well as online.


are you local? do i look familiar or do you actually know me?


want to know more about the real me?