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About Me

Average Bear from the deep South. Bear is my nickname, just FYI…I enjoy exploring my darker, primal side through vampire, and other fantasy RP… I love getting outdoors, hiking, fishing, kayaking as well as getting creative in the kitchen or settling down on a quiet afternoon to read a good book. I’m a very simple man with a big heart, who’s shy at first, and a hopeless romantic.. I work for a  FedEx OpCo (Ask If you want to know), as a dual qualified Associate and love what I do. I love snuggling in on a quiet night or putting on my boots and jeans and dancing the night a way at a honky tonk. But why reveal all of myself here? shoot me a pm and get to know me a little. I dont bite…

Sexual Turnons / Interests

I’ve been told I’m the biggest teddy bear in the world, but underneath this soft, gentle exterior is someone with a passion for taking what I want with the right woman. I’m a switch by nature, but lean towards the Dominant side of my personality. My biggest weakness is when a woman lightly presses her lips to my neck, laying down soft kisses and sucks on my pulse, or bites down hard and gets my adrenaline pumping. A little pain gets me really riled up and I have a tendency to start growling, deeply. I’m still very inexperienced sexually, but completely open to exploring with someone who brings out the best in me. Why tell my whole story here? Get to know me and peel back the layers of who I’am behind the bedroom doors.