Code updates this week Oct 2016

Did some code updates about a week ago, and then just did some more code updates today. I’m not sure, but maybe some of the updates that rolled out a week or so ago might have caused some issues where people were not able to get the site pages here to load.

I did some digging on this, and still not sure how or why that was happening.

So I changed a few things today, and might have undone some of the code clunks that were causing problems. Or maybe I did not undo the right code chunks, and another possibility is that the problem people were having accessing the pages had nothing to do with the code updates at all.

If you have trouble getting to the pages here, feel free to post about any issues or use the contact info on the sex chat sexchat connection issues page ( )

If you were having trouble getting to the site here, and now it’s clear – then it may be helpful if you could let me know and tell which country your ISP is pinging the internet from. Trying to figure out if we were having a general web server issue, or something specific to one of the code chunks I’ve been playing with.

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