Update today – anything broken?

Did some backend code updates doe the web site today. This should make a few things faster, and a few things better. Most people will likely notice no changes. If you find something is broken or working different please let me know!

A reminder to everyone please make double sure your flash player and java plugins are up to date! Also be sure that you are running up to date anti-virus software! If you are unsure of these things or would like advice on getting one of these things up to date, just let me know and I will gladly help.

If you are running an anti-virus package and the license is expired, you would be much better off just getting a new AV system running – there are some decent ones available that are free and will keep you updated for the latest internet threats.

Here we are always looking at security of our web site and those who use it. We also keep an eye on the third party sites that we link to. If you have any concerns about any of that, please let me know!

18 comments on “Update today – anything broken?

  1. Hi Nash
    i am banned the message says. I have not done anything to get banned could you look into it for me? I have tried different user names so it must be an ip address thing.

  2. I tried to send a post and could only get the first post repeated I wrote a new comment and the original hello folks keeps coming up, can you help me please

  3. @slikyandrob – perhaps do a search engine lookup to see how to enable flash in firefox and flash in chrome. These things change a lot and if I post some snippets on how to check these things they will likely be outdated before the month is over from what I’ve been seeing. Could be firewall issues and some other things perhaps, but I would be the browser updates in regards to flash being “click to activate” and such is most likely the issue at this time.

  4. @Silky – I just had to deal with this issue using firefox. There is a little icon you need to click on left side of the address bar. When you hover it says something about plugins or something. You have to “click to allow flash” to run. I will post a screen-shot tutorial on sc peeps tonight if all my updates get finished in time.

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