New Chat

So – the “new chat” aka the cams chat thing we had for a while is no longer available. We are working on a new system that has many of the same features however. We learned a lot and really enjoyed the NC system, and did many thing to extend it’s presence. Unfortunately we could not keep it up to date with modern code needs. So we lost it in early 2018.

We loved so many features of the NC system and heard from plenty of our visitors about the things they enjoyed with it. So we are taking that feedback and trying to incorporate many of those features.

Privacy policy for this site and our sister sites updated March 22 2016.

Please read the important information about our RULES / terms of use, and privacy information.

July 27, 2013 – added info about making the new chat registered users only.

March 7 – added info – Upcoming changes to the chats

we are constantly working to improve the chats, and working on establishing other functional backup chat systems as well.