Privacy policy for this site and our sister sites were updated March 22 2016 to provide more information for anyone who types anything here. Or there.

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You will need the newest update of the Adobe Flash plugin to use the sex chat space chat rooms systems.

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March 19th – the NC is almost all fixed up – getting close. In the meantime please chime in this page about what they like about the NC that is not yet available in the MV Chat system.

We’ll see! Sorry about the downtime! Transferring the massive amount of user uploaded avatars and stuff took much longer than expected. Now it’s mostly working, but a couple of settings are fucked up. Sooner than later hopefully!

These chat systems are still in public beta testing mode – use at your own risk!

Please read the important information about our RULES / terms of use, and privacy information.

How to register for the new chat section of the site here.

July 27, 2013 – added info about making the new chat registered users only.

March 7 – added info – Upcoming changes to the chats

we are constantly working to improve the chats, and working on establishing other functional backup chat systems as well.

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