Mobile Sex Chat

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We are working on a new sex chat app for mobile phones right now – it may be about 3 weeks before we roll it out to the public to enjoy, but it is looking good already! So stay tuned for that!

We have tested out many different mobile chat apps lately, and found most to be very lacking in certain areas. There are some professional video sex chat girls and guys doing nude live sex shows from Amsterdam and other places, and this software appears to work on many phones.  We are looking for more mobile adult live video applications to come out, but the major carriers such as St&T, Verizon, Sprint and others have not made it easy for customers to bill their cell phone accounts for premium sex video services, which means that you generally need to use a credit card or paypal type of payment system to enjoy premium mobile video chat services in the United States.

We have however found several free text chat mobile options, and certainly many people may enjoy these sex chat programs and mobile chat portals for getting their sexual groove on via cell phone, but so far we have not liked any of them as much as we had hoped. Some of the better services at first glance appear to give you lots of options, like the ability to connect to people on MSN chat, and yahoo chat, and other chat portals / IM services. Which is great that some applications are making this bridge, I often think of these IM services more as a way to stay in touch with family and friends, and not the place that I go trolling for cybersex partners. I have always thought that a dedicated portal for people to get into a chat room that is dedicated to sex, or adult conversations would be the best way to jump in and then get PMs from there.

Anyhow, we are researching all this currently, and will post some updates in the very near future, so bookmark this page, and come back soon to read our findings!