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About Me

About me? Okay what to put here cause I only got one chance to make an impression, cause I got like what 15 seconds then I loose em so how to go about it? Song!


Daring blonde of mystery, champion of rock, 4 chords own the night!

Somewhere some bacon screams, but its numbers up here comes

SOME DING BAT! Lets get terrorfied!



… are you still here? Well heck I guess I got to put something here then. So what to say about little me? For starters I guess I will tell you about me! Sit down, get a drink, maybe a light snack cause I’m about to forget what I am doing here and why I am typing all this!

For starters, I am one of those lunatics that hides in the shadows at night, lurking, waiting, being calm. Then when I see that the moment is right I step out from the corner with my dark blue Tele in tow and ROCK OUT! Well to be honest I just love music, even though I tend to miss a lot of it cause I get hung up on one band, album, song, ect but hey as long as I am groovin’ I can’t complain can I? All and all I’d like to teach music for a living, or at the very least pass on my love of music to all those I meet!



Hobby wise, of course there is music, it’d be my lover if it was a physical being. Aside from that I like to just be silly, go for walks around weird or interesting places, or go hiking through the woods and see animals and plants and things! As far as how I look I am stupid short, I stand an amazing five foot tall, yes that’s right FIVE!  I’m slim, I’m not pale, nor am I tan, I got wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, followed by being kinda flat up top but I got a cute little booty.  I can be shy, but when I get out of my shell I tend to not know when to shut up.

Sexual Turnons / Interests

These vary by many things, I guess my favorite thing is innuendo and being a bit of a tease. To give you more of an idea of what I like to do I suppose I can fill you in a little. I’m very spur of the moment, one moment I might be using words with you the next I might be giving you a lap dance. I like to see how much someone can take before their urges take over which is kinda mean but also very fun. Bedroom wise I’m into about anything and if I haven’t tried it and it sounds interesting I’m gonna give it a shot!